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Roy, Tri Coloured Border Collie Fern, Tri Coloured, Border Collie Queen, Tri Coloured Border Collie Zac, Black & White Border Collie Pete, Tri Coloured Border Collie Jock, Tri Coloured Border Collie

Roy’s Pedigree

Fern’s Pedigree

Nike’s Pedigree

Pete’s Pedigree

Queen’s Pedigree

Zac’s Pedigree

Wagga’s Pedigree

Fern’s 1st Litter Pedigree

Fern's 2nd litter of puppies Fern's 3rd litter of puppies Fern's 4th Litter of puppies

Fern’s 2nd Litter Pedigree

Fern’s 3rd Litter Pedigree

Fern's 5th Litter of Puppies

Fern’s 5th Litter Pedigree

Pedigree not available

Taff, Tri Coloured, Rough Coated Border Collie

Taff’s Pedigree

Fern’s 4th Litter Pedigree

Fern's 6th Litter of Puppies

Fern’s 6th Litter Pedigree

Cheviot Jamie, Tri Coloured Border Collie

Cheviot Jamie’s Pedigree

Fly, Tri Coloured Border Collie

Fly’s Pedigree

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Some of the dogs featured here, are not mentioned anywhere else on the website, but they are all dogs that we have either owned or used for breeding from.

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Fern’s 7th Litter Pedigree

Fern's 7th Litter